The Ultimate Pricing Guide for Profitable Photographers


The Ultimate Pricing Guide for Profitable Photographers


Ready to make more money!?

This 21-page Pricing Guide, created by Alex Chalkley, will help you learn how to figure out how much you should be charging and how to design effective price lists that enable you to easily reach your goals. You’ll also learn about pricing psychology, how to display your price list, when you share your price list with your clients, and how to upsell to increase your bottom line. It also includes eight different price lists (whether you are A la Carte OR Collections) that you can literally copy and paste to achieve your average sale goal of $1500, $2500, $3500 or $4500.

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After purchasing the pricing guide from Alex, I was able to make a few tweaks to gain that average sale of $3500. The last two clients that I booked paid in full before their session. I have two more phone consultations this week! Super awesome  it feels good! I recommend buying it if you haven’t.
- Ramilyn Thompson 


I’m pretty damn excited!! Restructured my prices (a little of what I had & a little of Alex’s) I made adjustments based on what Alex talks about in the pricing guide. It literally guides them to exactly what I want them to buy & it almost looks like one of the lower items but it isn’t haha & I tried it for the first time today with my client...boom!!! She was like umm this is a no brainer I want that!!! 

Yes honey you’re right it’s a no brainer!! Made a $2850 sale not including tax! (Model call so no session fee but when there is & they get that I make $3200 then I’ll upsell wall art!!)
- Victoria Bors


My very first sale after taking Alex's pricing advice was $3900! If you're on the fence about buying her guide, just do it! 
- Ruthie Skillman


If you haven’t structured your pricing like Alex’s yet, you’re outta your mind. I finally did it and OMG it is working like a charm! Scary high priced a la carte that pushes your clients towards Collections is THE WAY to go!
- Candy Brasfield


Pricing tweaks work!! I didnt change any numbers just moved things around a bit so that my $2500 collection (the one everyone wants) replaced my $3k collection sold that and Alex's magical $500 spread upgrade today. I made an extra $1k just with a couple of minor adjustments.
- Carrie Driver