Slay It Online Masterclass

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Slay It Online Masterclass


Slay It Online Masterclass | Jana Roller

Have you been struggling to make your presence and brand known online? Or maybe you are ready to venture into other social media platforms like Instagram, and use going LIVE online via Facebook Groups but not sure how to start? Look no further boss babe, let me help you slay it online and grow your brand even BIGGER than ever before in this 6 WEEK ONLINE MASTERCLASS! After noticing that not many photographers are capitalizing on the online world as much as they could be, I created this course to help them out and take advantage of all that I have learned that has helped me grow expentially online.

Find out below all that this masterclass covers to help you book more and make more $$$. This course is 6 weeks covering topics on:

* Creating a loyal following by finding your non-photography niche that makes you more relateable

*Facebook Live & Groups to generate conversation and showing up to your audience

* How to kill it on Instagram with all the in's and outs on how to create great content and engagement with your audience

* Live Q & A every week via private course Facebook group, weekly modules and worksheets

* Critiques on how to improve your Instagram posts, stories, and hashtags

* Creating networks and working with infuencers or becoming sponsored

*Generating passive income online, and more.....

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ONLY $250 for this 6 week course! Price goes up February 21st @ midnight. 


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Price goes up to $350 on February 21st @ midnight. 


This is a Do More Photographers sponsored program. This means that Do More Photographers stands behind the educator and the content, believing they are both worth the investment. Your contract is with JANA ROLLER, not Do More Photographers. Any questions or concerns must be directed to Jana Roller directly.