Associate Contract

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Associate Contract

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Congratulations, your business is expanding! Hiring an associate photographer is a big decision that involves someone else representing your company that you've worked so hard to build. There are a lot of details that come with this expansion and we want you to have it all in one easy, accessible place. 

We have broken the contract into 8 easy-to-customize sections, covering :

  1. Duration of contract
  2. Termination/Cancellation of contract with associate 
  3. Job description and responsibilities
  4. Equipment and gear details on loan to associate and terms of use
  5. Company policies and procedures 
  6. Responsiblit to clients and your business
  7. Confidentially and non-complete 
  8. Wages, deductions and benefits
  9. Work schedule
  10. Travel expenses
  11. Hospital and medical care insurance
  12. Limits of liability

Spend less time worrying, and more time shooting!