50 Shades of Branding Workshop w. Anna Johnson

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50 Shades of Branding Workshop w. Anna Johnson


50 Shades of Branding Workshop w. Anna Johnson
February 26 10-2 | The Palms Place, Las Vegas

** Only 6 seats available total **

Are you struggling with finding your own identity within your own boudoir company?  Its ok, we all do at some point and that's why I have created this "50 Shades of Branding" workshop.  I want to help you reach your potential clients by being unique and having your own message.  No  need to try to compete with others when you have your branding on point.  -What makes your business YOU? - How can you use that to spread awareness of your message? - How to make your emails, website and even color pallet bring awareness to your style and brand?  These are just some of the topics I will be covering in this amazing workshop.


We will be covering the following topics in this "50 Shades of Branding" workshop:

  • Discover your unique Brand Identity and how to use that to separate yourself from others, making you personable to your client (this is your "WHY"). We are all different, so why not show what makes you different?

  • Understanding who your target client is based off the connection and the overall message you conveying.

  • Figuring out what your brand values are and how living up to those values are important for your brand and networking.

  • Teaching you how to cultivate your own creativity in creating a look that represents you and your message.

  • Understanding how products (albums, brochures, Oh, My) are all a part of your branding.

  • I'm going to teach you how to incorporate your branding into your website, font and even the colors you use (yes honey, even colors tell a story and set a mood)

Just for attending this totally awesome class your going to get the following:

  • My hands on Workbook to help you long after this workshop is completed.

  • Discounts, Discounts Galor from some of the amazing vendors I work with.

  • I’ll be throwing in some totally fun giveaways that will complement your office/studio and workflow.

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