1/2 Payment shoot out w. Boon Ong

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1/2 Payment shoot out w. Boon Ong


MONDAY February 24th @ 1:00pm | The Palms

Boon Ong is an award winning and internationally published photographer, widely recognized for his storytelling and nude art approach in his work.

Born and raised in a conservative asian family and a country (Malaysia) where homosexuality can be criminalized, a huge part of Boon’s life was living within constraints, secrecy, and frustration. It was the sense of rebellious and contradiction to his upbringing that kept Boon photographing nudes. He wants to use his art as a way to yell for new freedom, break down barriers, and create a safe space for people to find confidence in their own body and sexuality. He insists not to comply to any pre-established constraints and made a mission to be as open as possible to photograph anyone regardless of their intention, gender, age, sexuality, body shape, race, venue or intention.

In the era when everyone can be a photographer, just by being able to take a good image is no longer enough. What sets a good photographer apart is their ability to create images that make you stop, feel something and take a deep breathe. And this is done through stories, always. 

In the shoot out, Boon will walk you through his creating process, guiding you to shoot by intention, how to collaborate with your subject, understanding movements and capturing image with storytelling elements in the most efficient way. Infusing the element of nude art, we will be working with nude models and play around various intentions, storytelling elements and creative posing. This is a highly interactive class that really makes you think before you click the shutter.

This is a 2 hour structured shootout limited to only 12 students. $250.

** Avoid admin fee by paying in full/one payment

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