Shot Breakdown and Image by Ewan Phelan

Whenever I am in a shoot, I am always thinking about the little details that I can shoot. Bring the viewer into a close crop to make them a part of the shoot even more, and not allow them to be distracted from anything else in the frame. 

In this shot, I wanted to accentuate her curves and give a feeling of her pulling her clothes off. As well with the position of her hand on her inner thigh, it makes the viewer wonder where that hand is going. My work is always about suggestion and putting ideas in the mind of the viewer. Engaging them with my themes. 

The instructions that I gave my client to get her into this position was for her to lay on her back, bend her knees so her feet were almost flat on the floor, then drop her knees to one side. I told her to try to keep her shoulders flat on the floor as much as she could, while still pushing her butt out to the side as much as she could and sticking her chest out. This provides the nice curve seen. I then asked her to put her right thumb in the side of her garter belt and underwear and to pull them down. As well asking her to put her left thumb right in the middle of the two and push down, while placing her hand against her inner thigh. Although you can not see them, I have still asked her to point her toes to make sure that her leg muscles were tight and lifted.

I composed this shot to the right of the frame, because I felt that if she was centre, the dead space to the right would distract from her hand between her legs. As well, I wanted the curve to be in the in the centre of the frame bringing more attention to it. 

This was shot in natural light that is from a single window from the right, about four feet up the wall. 

Model: NIKON Df
Lens (mm): 50
ISO: 640
Aperture: 2.8
Shutter: 1/1250