Shot Breakdown and Image by Ewan Phelan

When I first approach a shot, I look at my lighting. What is the feeling that I want to generate with the light? Where do I want the focus to be? And how much can I control it? For this shot, I really wanted her upper body to be the focus of the shot. The light directs your eyes to the softness, but also sexiness of her look. Her hair is tossed to one side to give a more of a messy, bed head, sex look. As well, her straps have been pulled off of her shoulder to provide the feeling of her being undressed. 

This shot is done with natural light coming from a window off screen to the right. The window is a standard window you would find in a bedroom. I have closed the drapes in the window that is behind her to emphasis the shadows and really allow the one light source to be the main focus of the shot. 

When it comes to posing, I am very particular about how I pose from head to toe. I am always looking to make the client look their absolute best, but also thinking about what I am trying to get the viewer to think about when they look at my photo. 

Before I asked Britt to sit down, I asked her to sit down while doing a squat. This way, her butt was more pronounced and gave a better curve in her back. Although you can not see her feet, I have her on her tip toes to give the same effect that you would have if she were wearing high heels. I've tossed her hair to the one side of her head, showing off it's beauty, but also to give the feeling of messy hair caused by sex. I also had her only wear the bra, which she has to hold up so that it doesn't fall off. But doing both of these things, the viewer is required to ask the question of why she isn't wearing any panties and she about to take off her bra. By doing this, again I am trying to get the viewer to either subconsciously or consciously think about sex. 

The reason that I want clients to be drawn to that conclusion is based on our philosophy of boudoir. Boudoir is the illusion of sexy. Sexy is the illusion of sex. So why not just skip the middle man and make the viewer think about sex? It evokes more emotion and brings the conversation to the forefront. 

My final piece of posing was to ask her to look down so that I can not see any part of her eye. By doing this and with the combination of how the light falls on her body, it recycles the eye over and over again onto her body. It helps to control what I want the client to look at. 

Model: NIKON Df
Lens (mm): 50
ISO: 640
Aperture: 2.8
Shutter: 1/1000