Shot Breakdown and Image by Ewan Phelan

I approach all of my shoots with the same mentality: looking to find the beauty and sexuality within each of my clients and bring it forward through the photos. When I was in high school I was anorexic for probably four years, so I understand the body image issues that everybody has, men and women. I have my own body issues. So I understand what it is like for people to step in front of the camera and want to feel comfortable. I do not approach my shoots thinking how do I hide imperfections, but rather how do I bring forward what is beautiful about them.

In this shot I have chosen to accentuate her curves. I have asked her to remove her underwear, so that there is no distraction from her butt. As well, I have had her pull her shirt up further on her back so that the curve can be as big as possible. I've asked her to go on her tip toes to lift the butt and firm the muscles in the legs. I have also asked her to place her hands together to bring the lines of her body inward, instead of having them apart which creates a boxy feel.

This shoot was done in the clients home, so I wanted to use as many of the spaces as possible. I chose the kitchen for this shot to create a story and play with my themes. With her looking at the camera, it becomes inviting, like she has walked into the room this way and is inviting the viewer (her husband) to herself.

This was shot with natural light coming from the window to the left of the client. 

Model: NIKON Df
Lens (mm): 35
ISO: 640
Aperture: 2.8
Shutter: 1/500