Shot Breakdown and Image by Ewan Phelan

As I would approach any shot, I am always aware of where my lighting is coming from. Other than when doing a night shoot, I completely use the natural light that is provided by the windows in our studio, hotel, or home that I am shooting in. I pose our clients from head to toe when I put them into a position. There isn't a part of their body that I am not looking to tweak or move to capture the light perfectly and the feeling that I am trying to generate from the shot.
This shot provided a few challenges when it came to lighting. The window is positioned to the right of the shot and two feet above Katie. I wanted to keep a moody feel to the photo with the light, but at the same time wanted to make sure that her face and lips were lit to attract the viewers eye. I also wanted her hair to be a major part of the photo, so had to position in a way that it would not cast any shadow across the small sliver of her face that is not engrossed in shadow. I have also closed the drapes in the window that is directly behind her to really keep the viewers focus through lighting on her face and butt.

In this shot I asked Katie to lay on the bed on her stomach. To drop her right arm under her body, giving the illusion that maybe she is about to go between her legs. I've asked her to pop her butt in the air, keeping her chest against the bed. Having her butt up gives it a better curve, as well points to the fact that she is not wearing any underwear. Making the viewer again, consciously or subconsciously think about sex. Although you can not see her feet in this shot, I still asked her to point her feet to the ceiling to help bring better curve to her hip and butt at the forefront of the image. I've flipped her hair completely to the side, pulling it in front of the one side of her face. It suggests that there has been movement during this shot and she has grabbed her hair while lost in the moment. And finally I have asked her to lift her chin as high as she can, to look completely straight down, while breathing through her mouth. This has allowed for the light to hit her face in exactly the way I want it to, while asking her to breathe through her mouth gives the exact movement of her jaw and mouth that I want to emphasis my theme. 

I composed this with a very close crop to make the viewer feel like they are right there in the moment. It takes away any distraction from what I want the viewer to feel while looking at my image. 

Model: NIKON Df
Lens (mm): 50
ISO: 800
Aperture: 2.8
Shutter: 1/2000