Hey group!

IF YOU DON’T RESPOND TO THIS MESSAGE YOU WILL BE ENTERED TO WIN A GIFT CARD TO AMAZON. Please read to the end before doing anything else!

Hi everyone!!!! As Facebook is now introducing a "restricted sexually explicit language" policy, it’s more than likely my group may be targeted and removed! So I wanted to keep you informed of specials, promotions, give aways and links to new work and sets. I promise not to be annoying so here are a few quick rules to keep things nice and organized :

* No response is needed when I post (this helps to keep the message clean and to the point for everyone). 

* YOUR NAME is the  only person to post in the chat (think of it as an email).

* If you have questions about anything please send me a private message, not in this group 

* Feel free to add people you think would enjoy my work or are interested in a session.