Holiday promotions begin well before December by Steve Sapporito

Christmas is a time when we thank our clients for sharing their lives with us and trusting us to see more in them than they have ever seen in themselves.

To say thank you and to allow them to be seen as more than just a number we send a personal Holiday Card to them with a gift inside it. Over the years I have tested and measured and the best results were when we sent the cards in the second week of November.

It seems that avoiding the mail rush of December allow us to be noticed more, and because we already have the trust of the client, they end up calling us to thank us for thinking of them. Feels great.

Our gift is 2 certificates that they can use or give to a friend that they know would love this experience too. To be honest most of the certificates that come back have been given to a friend, and as it has a dollar value, they believe that their friend has paid for that certificate.

The dollar value is important, never make it a free shoot or a complimentary anything, as this makes them behave entitled to whatever you have entitled them to. A dollar amount creates a different client that is there to "Spend" their certificate, and comes with an open mind of possibility.

From a results point of view - I am all about the numbers, this promotion generates on average $60,000 per month for each month of Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb. March is a little less predictable but $240,000 on average over 4 months is good given it cost us some cards, stamps and certificates.