Video Tutorials Catalogue : 

The Business of Black Friday w. Brianna Phelan

Meditation with Your Clients
w. Jessica Pereira

Creative Black and Whites
w. Shannon K Dougherty

Shake Shit Up With Neon
w. Teri Hofford

Tanline Blending Editing
w. Jen Swedhin

Brand Ambassadors
w. Molly Fruend

Professional Responses to Difficult Clients
w. Cassie Trebar

Driving Referrals Without Asking for Them
w. Krystal Shuga

Using Facebook Lives to Book Clients
w. Brittnie Price

Shooting Fine Art Nudes
w. Danielle Martine

Create A Kickass Boudoir Website
w. Humberto Garcia

Free Facebook Course for Photographers
w. Beth Teutschmann

5 Real Reasons Why You Never Look Good in Photos w. Teri Hofford

Stretch It Out w. Ashley Bass

Investment Menu Psychology w. Jenn Bruno Smith

How to Design a Complete Album in 10 minutes or Less w. Jenn Bruno Smith

How to Run A Successful Sale Without Losing Money w. Tanya Smith

Do Facebook Ads Work for Photographers? w. Easton Reynolds

Shooting Dark and Moody w. Marco Ibanez

Getting Down to Business (about business) w. Jamie Pfister

Trying Film For the Digital Shooter w. Ryan Muirhead

Creativity Thrives in Adversity w. Jessica Rae

How to Create Emotion in Facial Expressions w. Evgenia Ribinik

Shooting for Social Media w. Taylor Oakes

Shooting Underwater w. Jen Tallerico

Email Marketing w. Brooke Summer

Client Communication (and how to deal with a negative reveal) w. Lexy Parks

Confident Curves (2.0) w. Teri Hofford

Client Social Events w. Shannon Smith

READY TO JUMP? Are you ready to jump from your 9-5 job into photography full time? w. Lindsay Freeman

How to turn visitors on your website into BOOKED clients w. Nate Grahek

Facebook business/VIP groups and how to create a community around your brand w. Tiffany Joyce

Model Casting Calls and Running Successful Facebook Ads w. Cheyanne Booker

Perfecting Your Sales System w. Lori and Jeff Poole

Making Your Price List Work (for you) w. Brianna Phelan

Same Day Sales Editing (in under 1 hour) w. Michael Sasser

Night Shoots : Marco Ibanez

Creating A Shower Set-Up With No Plumbing : Lori Poole 

Lifestyle Studio Design : Jessica Rae

Boudoir at Bridal Shows/Trade Shows : Tanya Smith 

Topless Taylor's Screaming Stoner Session - On Erotica : Taylor Oakes

Brand Ambassador Program : Brittany Paiyarat 

Creating A Newsletter List : Beth of Starboard Editing  

LIVE EVENT Shooting Boudoir Video : Michael Sasser 

Location 2.0 : Jana Vallone 

LIVE EVENT  : Q&A - Joao Guedes 

Bringing Images To Life with Compositing - Dave Brosha 

Payment Plans - Kierra Mellenthin 

Shooting Furniture-less - Sarah Foss 

Editing Start to Finish (3) - Beth of Starboard Editing

LIVE EVENT : Streamlining Your Business - Jen Swhedin

Finding Your Style and How 18th Century Masters Influence His Photography - Marco Ibanez **POPULAR**

LIVE EVENT : Live Shoot and Q&A - Teri Hofford 

Mastering Instagram - Jana Roller

LIVE EVENT : Business Q&A - Jamie Pfister

Setting Boundaries For A Life/Work Balance - Jamie Pfister of The Adore Girls 

Talking To Your Clients With Ease - Teri Hofford 

Shooting Booty - Haley Urban 

Same Day Sales Sessions and In Person Album Design - Michael Sasser 

Editing Skin, Colour Grading and Actions - Chris Childress 

Shooting In a Singular Space : Only On A Couch - Sarah Foss 

12 Days of Christmas FB Group Campaign - Brianna Phelan 

Maintaining and Engaging your VIP FB Group - Andrea Mendoza  

Website and Blog SEO - Brooke Summer

Shooting Couple's Boudoir (2) - Ewan Phelan

Shooting in Small Spaces - Joao Guedes

Simple Pose Changes - Miranda Parker

Our Minds As Creatives - Jacob Loafman

Achieving Cinematic Style - Alex Charilaou

Shooting Plus-Sized/Curvy Clients - Teri Hofford

Underwater Boudoir - Jennifer Tallerico

Wordplay in Sales - Brianna Phelan

Intimate Male Portraiture and Breaking Boundaries - Kevin Lowery

How to Get Published In Magazines - Jacqueline Tobin / Editor-in-Chief of Rangefinder

Posing For Every Booty - Lexy Parks

Shooting For Post Production - Carey Nash

Grow/Manage Your VIP Facebook Group - Rachel Kline

Challenging Yourself with Creative Shoots - Teri Hofford

A Live Shoot with Posing Instruction - Jasmin Pickens

Creating Successful Boudoir Videos - The Adore Girls

Getting Your Clients to Sign The Release Form - Lynn Clark

Lightroom Shortcuts and Editing Tips - Jen Swedhin

Understanding Low Light - Ewan Phelan

Increase Bookings with Phone Consults - Alex Chalkley

Getting Your Clients to Pose Nude - Caroline Talbot

Running A Successful Boudoir Business - Steve Sapporito

Foreplay : Using Foreground to Get Creative - Teri Hofford

Boudoir Shot List - Jennifer Skog

The Art of Story - Boon Ong

Social Media Managers (Managing Your FB Group) - Jen Smith

Self-Portraiture - Lexy Parks

Success In A Small City - Miranda Parker

How to Shoot In A Small Studio Space - Jessica Rae

Ten Questions and Answers About Shooting Intimate Portraiture - Ewan Phelan

Using Trigger Words/Marketing with Words - Jana Vallone

Shooting Outdoor Boudoir - Lexy Parks

Shooting with Textures - Teri Hofford

Shooting Men (2) - Jen Swedhin

Creating Ambience - Christie Conyer

Editing Your Images Walk-Through - Candice Zugich

Branding - Cate Scaglione

Having Legal Contracts - Brianna Phelan

Bringing Out Expression In Your Clients - Boon Ong

Food For Thought - Marilyn Sanchez

Productivity and Marketing - Bryan Capporici

Mental Health and Business - Lola Gilbert

Styling, Storyline and Location - Jennifer Skog

Community and Marketing - Dana Pugh

Anti-Social Media Marketing - Haley Shandro

Constant Light and Lighting Tips - Lindsay Rae

Puppet Warp/Editing - Jennifer Tallerico

Shooting For High Album Sales - James Day

Is Stress Good or Bad For You - Brianna Phelan

Visual Website Design and Review - Anna Johnson

How to Write A Successful Bio - Jenna L Kutcher

Clients And Self-Love - Jacklyn Greenberg

The Black Jellybean Theory - Teri Hofford

Using Self Care As A Business Tool - Jana Roller

Cross Marketing/Promotion with Other Businesses - Erica Fetterly

Seeing/Speaking From Both Sides Of The Camera - Taylor Oakes

Pose Breakdowns - Ewan Phelan

How to Deal with An Angry Client - Lynn Clark

Experimenting with Light - Jacklyn Greenberg

Balancing Boudoir with Weddings - Haley Shandro

Better Album Design - Smart Albums/Daniel Usenko

Maximizing Sales And Selling Luxury Albums - Randy Goertzen

In Person Sales For Boudoir - Jennifer Bruno Smith

Frequency Separation - Jen Swedhin

Mood and Creating Mood - John DeFiora

Getting Personal Images For Your Client - Jennifer Skog

Elevating Your Business - Brianna Phelan

Posing Your Clients - Stacie Frazier

Managing Staff And Salary vs. Commission - The Adore Girls

Posing Your Clients - Stacie Frazier

Two Photographers, One Model - Cate Scaglione

Step-by-Step Head Swap - Jennifer Skog

Client Retention vs. New Client Acquisition - Brianna Phelan

Culling And Editing From Start to Finish - Miranda Parker

Making Self Portraiture Approachable - Lexy Parks

Hair And Makeup For Photography - Brittany Hall

Genevieve Georget - Choosing Your Fear vs. Overcoming It


Video w. Michael Sasser

Pre-selling Products To Your Clients (so you don't have to chase them for money) w. Brianna Phelan

Shooting With Moveable Walls In Your Studio w. Jessica Rae

Designing A Studio Space

Live Curvy Shoot w. a model

Being A Travelling Boudoir Photographer

Shooting with Harsh and Soft Lighting

Processing Black and White Images

How to Set Up Your IPS Space

Inbound Marketing

Editing Wrinkles and Cellulite

Shooting Maternity Boudoir

Taxes, Life, And Turning It Around

Unposed/Natural Boudoir

Beginner Artificial Lighting Set up

Lingerie Fit/Style for Different Body Types

Google Ads and Analytics

Marketing For High-Volume Studios (20+ per month)

Selling lingerie In-Studio and Online To Clients

Emotive Story-telling

The Conference Circuit (And What Makes A Good Teacher) 



Stretch It Out : A Guide to Stretching Your Clients : Ashley Bass

Meditations and Affirmations : Jess Pereira

Quick SEO Guide w. Robin Reece

Companion Script to “Using FB Messenger”

Companion Images to Evgenia Ribinik’s Tutorial

Companion Images to Ryan Muirhead’s Tutorial

Scheduling Your VIP Group : Cassie Trebar

Facebook Client Groups Checklist : Tiffany Nicole Joyce

Making Your Price List Work (for you) : Brianna Phelan 

Strategic Plan Workbook : Tadam Photo

Creating Business During the Slow Season : Brianna Phelan

Posing Furniture-less : Sarah Foss

Posing Your Client on Only A Couch : Sarah Foss

85 Newsletter Topic Ideas : Starboard Editing

Mailchimp Newsletter Check List : Starboard Editing

Boudoir Posing Guide  - Ewan Phelan

Boudoir Shot Breakdown (5) - Ewan Phelan

Managing Worry Doc - Brianna Phelan

Welcome Guide/Design PDF templates (5) - Ewan Phelan

Cost of Doing Business Analysis - Andi Boudoir

12 Days of Christmas Campaign Tracker - Anna Johnson

Pre-Consultation Questionannire Guide - Shannon Smith

Phone Script Template - Alex Chalkley

Facebook VIP daily post schedule - Andrea Mendoza