Looking for Boudoir education AND COMMUNITY IN New York CITY?
Join us for our Do More NYC event.

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Start with our welcome dinner
and a burlesque show @ The Slipper Room
September 5, 2019
Evening. Location : Dumbo (10 minutes from Industry City)
Drink, eat, pay as you go (tickets will be available for purchase separately at a later date)

Then choose what you want for education
(seriously, these are the best of the best)

September 06
@ 10:00 - Rooftop shoot out with Teri Hofford
September 06 @ 1:00 - Erotica shoot out with Ewan Phelan
September 06 @ 4:00 - Fine Art Nudes shoot out with Danielle Martine

September 07 @ 10:00 - Coaching Facial Expressions Shoot out with Evgenia Ribinik
September 07 @ 1:00 - Cinematic Environment Shoot out with Alex Charilaou
September 07 @ 4:00 - Video shoot out with Michael Sasser

* Shoot outs are structured 2 hour sessions and are limited to only 12 students each

And finally, the Do More NYC Party 2019
(you must buy a ticket to be registered and attend)
Join us September 7, 2019 from 9pm - until we close the place down
Stay tuned for full venue details
Cost : $25

FRIDAY September 6th @ 10:00 am | Rooftop @ Industry City

Teri Hofford is an inspirational speaker, empowerment photographer and body image activist based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. After having been at both ends of the weight spectrum herself, Teri realized that achieving the "perfect" body was not the answer, but rather, finding contentment with the size and shape that one is at in the present is the key to feeling complete and confident. From this, Teri created an empowerment empire, which includes her photography business Teri Hofford Photography, BODY IMAGE BOOTCAMP (™), and everyBODIES Education, 3 resources which help women and photographers overcome their body image issues, so they can shift their focus from changing their bodies, to changing the world.

Teri will show you how to work with clients of all sizes and shapes, ensuring seamless communication from the very beginning to give them a life-altering photo shoot experience. During the shoot out portion, Teri will walk through her most sold poses and the methods she uses to really capture her clients as their true selves in her images. Teri’s work is well known for showcasing women of all shapes and sizes as strong, powerful, and bad ass and this shoot out will give you the exact same kind of images for your own portfolio! You will be using a mix of constant light and natural light to add new tools to your tool kit!

This is a 2 hour structured shootout limited to only 12 students. $225.

FRIDAY September 6th @ 1:00 pm | Industry City Studio

Ewan is one of the co-founders of Do More Photographers. Initially set up as 'Do More Wear Less', a group for members of Ewan and Brianna's workshops quickly grew to the large community we have today. Ewan was one of the leading boudoir photographers on the conference circuit, being one of the first boudoir photographers to ever speak at some conferences. Ewan's work as been found in countless publications, including Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, and a host of more. 

Recently Ewan took a hiatus from boudoir to focus on his own mental health. After a few years of focusing on Do More, Ewan has returned bringing with him a whole new approach to his photography. Erotica has become the central focus of Ewan's work, feeling that it is the most honest work he could create. Boudoir was always the illusion of sexy, and sexy is the illusion of sex. He always felt like he was shooting sex before, but it wasn't until he dove into erotica that he truly found his place to allow individuals to express their sexuality as freely as possible. 

Erotica is something that many pull back and say, "I couldn't do that!" What Ewan hopes to do with his shoot out is make shooting erotica just another extension of your already successful boudoir business. The market is out there, you just have to show them you're the pro they need. This shoot out will walk through how to direct for erotica, pose for the genre and how to shoot with light and shadow in mind. Ewan will shoot alongside you, as well as give feedback on the frames you’re creating. Please note that the content of this class is sexual in nature.

This is a 2 hour structured shootout limited to only 12 students. $225.

FRIDAY September 6th @ 4:00 pm | Industry City Studio

Danielle Martine is an award winning and internationally published boudoir photographer based in Connecticut, USA. In 2011 she graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Art in photography and digital imaging. Her love and talent of capturing the female form transforms many women's lives and has grown into a recognizable style. Her work is known to exude elegance, sophistication, femininity, and palpable sensuality.

In this shoot out Danielle will outline her personal process of posing women of all sizes, and how to create images that illicit the same sexuality. You will also have a chance to pose and shoot hands-on alongside Danielle as she shows you how to shoot fine art nudes. Come create interesting images that will leave your clients stunned, and get images in your portfolio critiqued.

This is a 2 hour structured shootout limited to only 12 students. $225.

September 07 2019 @ 10:00 am | Industry City Studio

My name is Evgenia and I am the gal behind the Evgenia Boudoir Studios. My introduction to boudoir happened while I was photographing a bride before she got into her wedding dress. I got addicted and never recovered. My studio is in New York City and my images are known for for their sensual, emotional style. Do More Award images of 2017, 2018, 2019 and Do More educator of 2019.

How many photographers love to shoot boudoir but avoid close ups and portraits? How do you guide your clients to create strong, sensual, emotional images during their sessions? I love capturing facial expressions and will guide you how to not be afraid to do them as well as how to guide the client so they not come out stiff or mad looking. And, the best part, you will get to visit my gorgeous studio! You will be able to see me guide my model just like I do with my clients as well as will have an opportunity to shoot for your portfolio.

This is a 2 hour structured shootout limited to only 12 students. $225.

SATURDAY September 07th @ 1:00 pm | Industry City Studio

I'm Alex from London, UK and I've been making intimate lifestyle photographs for a 6 years now. I'm heavily influenced by film directors/cinematographers and inspired by interesting characters, other creatives and how they choose to express themselves.
My style has been described as cinematic, moody, voyeuristic and dreamlike. I like to be different, push boundaries, challenge the norm and break the rules. Using prisms, angles and shadows, I build beautiful, textured worlds for my subjects to inhabit - fusing my distinctive style with their personal interests and quirks to develop images that make them feel like a movie star.

My shoot-out will have a series of setups with a model, using different lighting conditions and tricks like prisms to give your image a unique, dreamy look. We will work through poses that make your images more cinematic, shoot wide to include the environment and show how giving the model a story/character helps to achieve this too. You will have plenty of time to get some awesome images for your portfolio, insights from me about improving your frames and also some 1 on 1 Q&A about anything you like. It'll be fun! I aim to get your creative juices flowing and have you walking away with ace photos and lots of ideas to implement for your future shoots.

This is a 2 hour structured shootout limited to only 12 students. $225.

SATURDAY September 7th @ 4:00 pm | Industry City Studio

Hello! I’m Michael Sasser, a professional boudoir photographer in Los Angeles, CA. I love girl scout cookies and helping people see their true selves. I can’t wait to share all the knowledge I have and get my mind blown by the amazing talent that will be at Do More NYC.

I’m so excited for you to walk away from this shoot out with more comfort around video and get you ready to shoot your first, or 10th boudoir video. We will cover camera settings, keeping your camera stable for shake free footage, directing your client for beautiful sexy movement and more! You’ll also have a chance to shoot some video on your own to have a few clips to put together for your facebook group, instagram or website.

This is a 2 hour structured shootout limited to only 12 students. $225.

Want more?
All educators are available to hire for sessions. Inquire with them directly for more details.

Want to stay and shoot around the city on Sunday?
While this is not structured, we anticipate many photographers will stay and swap shoots or tour the city. Join us.

Where is everything taking place?

Industry City (ie. Evgenia’s studio) is where the shoot outs are taking place. Some are on the roof. Some are around the building. Some are in the physical studio space. See map and parking info below.

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Where do we stay?

We’re not saying you have to stay in the same hotel as anyone, but you totally should (because it’s going to add to the experience). Stay tuned tomorrow for hotel details - we are reserving a block of rooms at a hotel within walking distance.