SUNDAY CONFESSIONAL: Sundays we spill—What is something that didn't go as planned this week, something you're struggling with, need support on, or a silly confession?

MAD LOVE MONDAY: Tag someone, compliment the person above you, appreciate your best babes, throw some love and community praise around!!!

TUESDAY PRO TIP: Tuesdays we share AMAZING tips we’ve been given, come across, or find. This could be podcasts or books that you adored, an amazing recipe, a mom-hack, ANYTHING that will help your fellow superheroes in their everyday throes! 

WEDNESDAY BACK PAT: Wednesday we share our proud moments! What have you accomplished this week that you’re wicked proud of? (Something at work? Did you meal prepped like a boss? You hit a goal you’ve made for yourself? Or hey, maybe you kept the kids alive! LOL) Tell us the things you’d love to humbly brag on.

THURSDAY THROWBACK: Give a piece of advice you WISH you could have given your younger self, something you wish you’d know before you went through a trial or tribulation, or something you feel might help others through this beautiful thing we call life!

FRIDAY: Stop. Drop. Selfie. There are worse things in the world than women appreciating a beautiful photo of themselves! Drop a selfie you took this week! 

SELF LOVE SATURDAY: Post PROOF or share how you’ve purposefully taken care of yourself this week! This might be an extra-long bubble bath, a hike in the woods, a girls night out with your bests.