Do More Photographers is the leading education platform for Intimate Lifestyle Photographers.   The community is dedicated to coming together for shared education and growth, with a mission of continually elevating the industry. 

Membership benefits include : 

The Education Element : The Do More Forum has 100+ Educational videos from industry leaders,  educational resources, downloadable templates, posing guides and business tools. Updates weekly. See full catalogue.

The Featured Artist Element : Get your images featured on Instagram, the blog and in our newsletter.  And entry of 2 images in each monthly contest for a chance to win huge prizes like a spread in Rangefinder Magazine.

The Storefront Element : Premium products created by members of the community.

The Social Element : Join our interactive group on Facebook to share, connect and grow. 

The Super Social Element Camp Do More.  It's photography summer camp for grown ups.  Members only. 


A photographer looking to grow in the Intimate Lifestyle photography community, share in education and knowledge, socialize, connect and find products specifically geared towards you.  Welcome!

Membership is $179 USD for a full year.

Want to see what tutorials our educators offer before registering?  Please check out the catalogue and watch a sample. You must be logged in to watch further videos.